Autoplay problem

I install fireburner lately and since then i have problem with my cd reader/burner, he just dont read cd automatically anymore, can anyone help me with this ??? I have win xp home… i just cant find a way to bring autoplay back…


What version of windows do you have?

i have windows xp, home edition…


These are the instructions for turning it off, so you should be able to switch it back on this way as well.

1.Click Start, click Run, type GPEDIT.MSC to open Group Policy in the Microsoft Management Console.

2.Double-click Computer Configuration, double-click Administrative templates, double-click System, and then click Turn off autoplay.

3.The instructions on your screen describe how to configure this setting. Click Properties to display the setting dialog. Click Enabled, and choose CD-ROM drives, then click OK, to stop CD autoplay.

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to stop CD autoplay
In my view, he wants right the opposite, i.e “to bring autoplay back”.


goto : My Computer > right-click on the drive you use > Properties >

AutoPlay tab > Select a content type & Select an action to perform > Apply

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In my view, he wants right the opposite, i.e “to bring autoplay back”.

Read my post properly, thats what I said in the first sentence.

I don’t have XP so that was a quote from Microsoft’s site (which is why it’s a bit long winded compared to BoSkin’s answer).

It’s usually ‘Not configured’ there but there are 2 other options - ‘Enable’ & ‘Disable’

Turns off the Autoplay feature.

Autoplay begins reading from a drive as soon as you insert media in the drive. As a result, the setup file of programs and the music on audio media start immediately.

By default, Autoplay is disabled on removable drives, such as the floppy disk drive (but not the CD-ROM drive), and on network drives.

If you enable this setting, you can also disable Autoplay on CD-ROM drives or disable Autoplay on all drives.

This setting disables Autoplay on additional types of drives. You cannot use this setting to enable Autoplay on drives on which it is disabled by default.

Note: This setting appears in both the Computer Configuration and User Configuration folders. If the settings conflict, the setting in Computer Configuration takes precedence over the setting in User Configuration.

Note: This setting does not prevent Autoplay for music CDs.

I don’t know whether this thread is too old to add a reply, but I didn’t want to start a new one unnecessarily. I have been tearing my hair out trying to get autoplay to work, and I thought that one suggestion here might have helped. I have two CD/DVD writeable drives, plus a virtual CloneDrive. I have right-clicked on each,gone to properties, and selected Autoplay. Under Music Files and Video Files, I have selected the action to perform as Play (in my media player). But always, when I insert a disk, it opens only in my explorer program - I have Directory Opus, which has replaced Windows Explorer as the shell. I thought that the advice here that enabling autoplay on every drive would turn it off on CD/DVD drives, because when I looked in TweakUI, it was enabled on every single drive - the three CD/DVD drives, all HDDs and the floppy drive. So I turned it off on everything except my CD/DVD drives, and tried again. But it STILL opens only in DOpus. To play a movie, I have to find the VIDEO_TS.IFO file and click on that. For the sake of my hair, can anyone suggest any other approach to make autoplay work?? Thanks.

Naa your OK, a thread is never too old to be bumped :stuck_out_tongue:
Stop DOpus from starting with Windows (it will be in the preferences somewhere) and see if Autoplay now works. If it does then DOPus is your problem.

Thanks for the tip, but it doesn’t work. I turned off Directory Opus and inserted a DVD. All that happened was what happened before - the folder opened (in DOpus), and I had to find the VIDEO_TS.IFO file in order to play the DVD.

IF it’s still opening in a DOpus window then DOpus is still in the equation and we need to take it out to see if that is the problem.

Unfortunately it has been so long since I have used it I could not tell you exactly how to remove it (apart from uninstalling, which is a bit extreme :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Try here or have a good look around the DOPus forum to see if anyone else has a solution.

Good luck :slight_smile: