Autoplay Problem

Hey guys, new here! :flower:

Well, ever since I bought my computer from someone I haven’t been able to play dvds… although he has dvd burning software. When i instert a CD or DVD into the drive it doesn’t Autoplay it… never did. I click on my computer and open it that way. Well, still can’t open DVDs, not even that way.

Heres what happens when i try opening a CD through mycomputer…

Open my drive…
get these files:

Video_TS -> a bunch of Video_TS.vob files… and junk
JACKET _P -> J00___5l … etc files … weird

None of these play anything.

The symptoms of whats happening matches EXACTLY THIS:::


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

If you want autoplay, right click on the drive in My Computer, then hit Properties, then click the AutoPlay tab. Hit restore defaults to get autoplay back, then hit ok.

What software are you using to play the dvds? XP doesn’t come with a dvd decoder built in, you have to use third party software. I recommend downloading VLC. It is a free media player that is not reliant on outside codecs or decoders, and will play your dvds.