Autoplay Handler Problem

Earlier today I discovered an odd issue with Win XP’s autoplay handler entries for DVD Movies when both VideoFab and DVDFab are installed (at least it shows up on my system). I have VideoFab and DVDFab installed on a Win XP Pro SP3 machine.

Run DVDFab and check “Add AutoPlay Handler” and close DVDFab. The DVD Movie handler “Copy/Convert/Burn DVD Video using DVDFab5” appears in the autoplay box when a disk is inserted and it lauches DVDFab if selected. However, if you close DVDFAB5 and then open VideoFAB and then close it, the icon in the DVDFab5 autoplay entry changes to the VideoFab icon (although the text remains the same as above). If you insert a DVD at this point, and select the DVDFab5 handler, it actually runs VideoFab. The handler will continue to change back-and-forth depending on the last Fab application run.

Likewise, if you uncheck “Add Autoplay Handler” in DVDFab5, you’ll end up with no handler any time DVDFab5 is run, and a handler pointing to VideoFab any time Videofab is run.

I did a little digging and it appears that VideoFab is updating the DVDFab5 autoplay registry entries by mistake. These keys specifically:


All of those keys have values pointing to videofab.exe when the handlers are wrong (there may be others I overlooked). I think I’ve found a temporary solution, but it requires editing the registry directly (so proceed with caution and the usual warnings and backup advice). Although VideoFab doesn’t have (or at least I can’t find) an option to control autoplay handler creation like DVDFab does, it does seem to have the necessary registry key and it also appears to obey it:


Changing that key from “1” to “0” has seemed to stop VideoFab from stepping on the DVDFab handler.


Good detective work. I have autoplay disabled on all drives, so it is not a problem for me, but I think there have been some posts about this problem. I’m sure the authors will see this and put a fix in a future release.