Autoplay handler not working in new beta

Ok, i’m using the newest beta, and remembered the past few versions added an Autorun action, so as when a dvd is inserted, DVDFab (by choice) can automatically be ran. It’s not happening on my machine that way. I don’t see it anywhere in the list, when bringing up Autorun options for my cd drive. Whats happened here? Using WinXP x64 edition. It’s checked in settings within the program, but i still can get that working. Whats up please?

It is recommended that auto run be disabled as that can cause conflicts and problems. Many DVDs try to install players that may conflict and there is also a chance that the movie companies will try to install spyware on your computer, example the famous Sony Rootkill that would disable burners. There were several states that filed and settled law suits against Sony, but you never know what else they may try. I disable auto run in the registry myself to be safe.


Hi djdafreund,

I think AutoPlay Handler doesn’t work on WinXP x64 version, we will check it.

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could you please see my message about a similar autohandler problem problem in Vista 32bit version: