I guess we’ll have a long wait for SP3 for windows xp

A few of my friends are on dialup and this autopatcher seems to be the way to go, I sure wouldn’t reccomend using a full blown install of it on an already corrupted PC, seems breaking it into critical first and then adding major updates one at a time if needed worked better.

Defender caught a trojan on one computer that trojanhunter and spybot missed with full scans from regular and safe mode.

is there a point to this thread :confused: , you obviously dont have any software related problems and i dont see any questions either :doh:

I did a search for autopatcher before stating this thread, it was only mentioned in a few other threads(wobble?)

I felt it a worthy addition to the forum and served a purpose

I read the rules and see nothing about the forum being used just for problem tho this thread relates to problems(solving or preventing them)

I did see a rule about politeness tho, but enforcing the rules is a moderator’s job not a members.


thanks for the info [B]DaChew[/B] I don’t use XP so I’m not waiting for SP3 for windows xp but it’s always good know, some of my friends still use it every now and then and are on Dialup :slight_smile:

To quote Microsoft ‘SP3 for Windows XP Professional [and Home] is currently planned for 2H 2007. This date is preliminary.’ Not so fast, an update late in 2006 changed this to ‘SP3 for Windows XP Professional [and Home] Edition is currently planned for 1H CY2008. This date is preliminary’. So, it looks like mid-2008 at the earliest.

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Been using AutoPatcher since the end of last year and is is a VERY handy application to have. Especially on slow conenctions. If I reinstall windows I can just update without having to re download everything.

Currently they are offering,

Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows something else :wink:

And hopefully in the next few months they are going to start on all of the office versions along with Vista.

As far as SP3 goes there are now a few rumours goign around on respected sites that SP3 will NOT be coming at all. Cancelled because they want everyone to go onto Vista.

i have used autpatcher and it is a marvel ,one could go to their site and download it or order a dvd for about 10 dollars its a litlle slow {mail] but worth the investment of 10 dollars from bc canada ./\

Now Microsoft says that all Windows versions prior to Vista will no longer be supported as of January 1, 2008. This contradicts a previous memo that said that Win XP Pro would be supported for seven more years. This is all due to an inordinate amount of pirated Vista use globally. So says Microsoft.

huge computer resellers like dell have already been forced back into providing XP after they made the switch to vista…this just proves that not everyone is ready or able to make the switch just yet, and not everyone WANTS to make the switch just yet. if they withdraw support so soon, I have a feeling it’s going to create a pretty big backlash.

replacing a major product takes time. there are tons of people that would need whole new computers in order to run vista and are just not able to make that commitment yet. I’d be very surprised if microsoft abruptly took away support like that. the 7 year plan mentioned seems much more reasonable.

also i’m nto saying i don’t believe you, but this is interesting information. can you link a source?

From what I know, Windows XP “mainstream” support will continue through 4/14/2009 - “extended” support through 4/8/2014. For relevant links see these -

definitions of support terms -

lifecycles for all MS products -

Hope that clears things up a bit.

I seriously think that those dates will be subject to change, for the better (IE: longer support cycle) rather than the worse. MS extended the Windows 98 support deadline after major public outcry because too many people wouldn’t switch right over to XP when it came out & alot still used 98 for many years after XP’s release. I think the same will happen with XP support, concerning Vista’s release. MS would be p***ing off far too many people by pulling the plug on XP support too soon, especially big $$$ corporate customers. So, I wouldn’t panic… yet.


I use Nlite and RVM’s update packs and add ons to do the same thing and it works out quite well for me. Just thought I would throw out another option for everyone. Here are some directions as well to make this a no brainer,