Autopatcher has a new site

Free app very very useful … did I say very :bigsmile:

How many times did you have to leave your computer, after a format, to download the updates you had before it? How many times did you have to go do something else, leaving your friends’ computer download the load of updates with their poor little dial-up modem? How many times have you wished for the updates to be portable from one computer to another and not require but a few mouse clicks to install?

If you’re the ‘computer guy’ of the pack, no doubt the answer to the above questions was “I have lost count”! And if you have one or two computers you should consider yourself lucky as well. Think of what would happen if you had to update ten or twenty computers daily!

Yes, AutoPatcher is indeed awesome and a great way of patching a system without Windows Update and it’s WGA gayness :bow:

For people that needs to do a fresh reinstall of Windows XP SP2, then i would recommend that they first update the install CD with RyanVM’s Windows XP Post-SP2 Update Pack. This way, the newly installed system will be fully patched and ready to go, and you will also save alot of time and harddrive space, as the update pack works by directly overwriting the old files from the install CD with the updated ones, so that the installation time dosen’t get extended one bit.