Automobile DVD Player issue

I have a 2004 Honda Odyssey with a stock DVD player.

I am trying to back up copies of our movies due the kids scratching them.

I am using CloneDVD and have tried Vertbatium DVD+RW and TDK DVD-RW’s and neither one play in my van.

They do however play just fine on my computer.

I am kind of new to this and not sure what other info is needed to asses this issue.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreacited.


Try DVD+R discs booktyped to DVD-ROM, they should play in just about anything.

ALSO: Make sure to post software version numbers, the hardware and burner you are using, and what OS you are using in the future.

Thank you.

First what is DVD+R discs BOOKTYPES to DVD-ROM mean???

Second, I am using Clone DVD, XP pro on Dell 8400, Burning on Drive 1 DVD +/- RW Benq burner, using source from Drive 2.

DVD Drive 1

DVD Drive 2

Thanks again.

I think you have the CloneDVD knockoff program. Make sure to only use Slysoft ( or Elaborate Bytes ( Version of CloneDVD Latest version I know of is & get the latest AnyDVD from you can download fully functioning trial versions and see what you think. As for booktype explanation: Search the forum for bitsetting and booktype.

Thank you for the update, I will check into those programs.

As for booktype, I did search and found something called DVDinfoPro, I d/l’ed it and tried to change the booktype but it did not stay. I am not sure I did it correctly or if it even possible to do that in DVDinfoPro. I will continue to search more. If you know of a great post that explains how to switch it, a link would be greatly appreacted.

Much Thanks

You will prolly have to get a firmware upgrade, or use a utility program made specifically for the drive for bitsetting booktype.

I do have the latest firmware for that drive. I will have to find a utility program made specifically for the drive for bitsetting booktype.

I will continue to search… :iagree:


I got my utility from the DVD drive manufacturers official website. Try yours.

DJ, I just relized that I was using a DVD-R instead of DVD+R. If I use the +R I might have better results…

I am heading to Benq website… I really appreacite your help and knowledge :bow:

No problem, glad to help…

In my humble opinion (and the opinion of many, many others) DVD+R is better to use than DVD-R. In my own experiences, I have tried every type of disc, and I stick with DVD+R, because I can booktype them to DVD-ROM and they play in everything I have tried them in. Make sure to get good DVD+R like FUJI.

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind

Also, visit the Benq sub-forum here on CDFreaks:

You will probably find alot of useful info there. :iagree:

That is what I need to get done, boot in any device, ie. my VAN… I will try the DVD +R tonight and post my results. Again many thanks. Cheers

The discs I burned will play in Xbox, PS2, portable DVD player, and a car DVD player. Make sure you figure out how to booktype the DVD+R discs to DVD-ROM, I would explain to you how, but its drive specific. :iagree:

Okay, Sorry it took me this long to try it again, anyway.

I d/led the Benq Book Type Management program
I select the Benq DVD DD DW1620 B7V9 drive.
with DVD+R media in the drive

Under Drive Setting:
-> Check Setting
----> Current Writing Book Type is DVD-ROM for all three:
---------DVD+RW, DVD+R, DVD+R DL

Under Media Status:
-> Check Media:
------It reports DVD+R
------Book Type Status NA
and the Modify box is grayed out.

Thoughts, Suggests, help…

Thank you in advance.

You have to burn the disc before it will be identified as a DVD-ROM.

Okay, but how do I “Modify” it to burn as DVD-ROM if the box is grayed out?

Thank you again…

From what you posted it looks like it’s set, burn a disc and find out!:iagree:

If the original poster or anyone else has a Honda Odyssey van with a DVD player and has come up with media that works in it, I would love to know, as I have the same problem. I have a LiteOn LVW-5005 recorder updated as far as I can go, and have had limited results with CMC Magnetics AF1 DVD-R (Khypermedia) and Verbatim DVD-R (MCC 02RG20), no luck at all with DVD+R yet.

Rob T

I have a 2006 Odyssey with a factory DVD player. I use RiData (Ritek) DVD+R 8x discs and have NEVER had a problem with skipping, etc. Prior to using the DVD+R discs I tried many flavors of DVD-R (Memorex, Verbatim, Sony, etc.) and all of them had problems to some degree.

Make sure that use use book type DVD-ROM on the DVD+R burns.

Nice to know that. I have a 2005 Odyssey with DVD and have backed up some of my DVDs using both DVD-R and later Verbatim DVD+R (booktyped to DVD-ROM). I have not tried them in the van yet but I now know what to expect. cheers, gamma1