Automating video capture with NeroVision Express




I’m new to this forum and the nero sdk/api. I am looking for a way to schedule captures from my tv capture card using nerovision. The MPEG2 that nerovision creates (when I manually capture) is the only MPEG2 that nerovision’s dvd authoring seems to handle well, so I would like to use it to schedule recording. For starters, does nerovision.exe have a command line interface that would let me just put a batch file into a windows scheduler item? Something like

nerovision.exe /capture /channel: 71 /template: DVD /length: 120

(to record channel 71 for 2 hours)

would be awesome!

If this is not available then does any part of the SDK allow for this? If so I would write a console (command line) wrapper to do this because the nerocmd.exe only seems to support the writing of disks. However I can’t find anything in the nerovision api that seems to support it. Any ideas? Am I just missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance!


Did you ever get an answer to this? I checked the SDK and there doesnt seem to be a documented option for this.