Automating File creation



I use DVD Fab to create 3 things everytime I put a DVD in my system, (a VTS Folder, a H264 and a VOB) I di this everytime with the same settings.

However this seem like it takes to many steps, is there a way to save all my tasks, and settings so all I need to do is put in a DVD and say go?




If you mean you are using VOB Passthrough to make the VOB file(s), you can combine that function with the H264 creation, since DVD to Mobile will run in batch mode. There is an example of this in the Tutorial. If you are also making a DVD compliant volume, this will be a different operation that you will have to set up as a standalone task.


Yes I know I can do that, but what I still need to set it up every time.

What I would like is

I put in a DVD and launch DVDFab, it knows to create a Movie only DVD, and create a H.264 and a VOB file, all I need to do is say OK


If it can’t do both ciopy a DVD and do mobile conversion at the same time, let me save all my mobile output options in a group so I just click 1 thing and it rembers I want a H.264, and a VOB file and a PSP or what ever I set up as my default group.

and since this is sounding like a feature request (and I will out this info there as well)

How about watchfolders, or drop boxes, put our files in a folder and it encode them automaticaly.

I use other encoding tools the do this stuff very well.