Automatically Verify After Creating ISO



Hey Everyone,

ImgBurn seems to be working great for me, except for one issue that bothers me:

I am using ImgBurn read mode to create an ISO. ImgBurn will read the CD or DVD and create a a ISO. However, I want it to then AUTOMATICALLY verify the ISO I just created! I can’t seem to find a workaround for this.

What’s annoying, is that I have to do a verify manually. I have to go into Verify mode, then find the ISO I want to verify, and then let it do a verify: quite a hassle. It would be nice to instead just Read the CD or DVD, create the ISO, perhaps the CD or DVD cycles the tray, and then automatically verifies the newly created ISO to the CD or DVD. Can’t get ImgBurn to do this.

In trying to resolve this problem, the only info I can find is:

Interesting post at ImbBurn website, but I feel this lacking in depth though.

So I am wondering, there must be a reason why ImgBurn lacks this feature? Is there any purpose in verifying an ISO once it has been created? Or is the ISO created ALREADY guaranteed to match the CD or DVD?

For all I know, maybe there is no point to Verifying an ISO after it was created.

Can someone please provide feedback or insight into this?

That would be greatly appreciated!