Automatically Activating and Deactivating Speed Control?

Is there any way of automatically activating and deactivating the Speed Control?

Reason being, when I have ZoomPlayer running, I want whatever’s going on to be quiet (either ripping, or watching a DVD) , and whenever ZoomPlayer isn’t running, I want everything to run at full pelt.

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An option in AnyDVD to activate the speed control if certain programs were running (soft configurable by the user) would be a great enhancement.

The WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) takes a plunge when I have to fiddle about for 3 or so minutes to stop the DVD Player sounding like a vacuum cleaner before we watching a DVD … so please help me justify the small fortune I’ve spent on getting a HTPC in the living room :smiley:

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We are planning to increase the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) in a future release.

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Very much looking forward to it :slight_smile: