Automatical speed controls?

Optical drives slowly started getting intelligent in 2004.

In 2003, GDR8162B always cranked up to full speed (×40) not after reading TOC but LBA 1, and the minimum SCSI speed for CDs was ×24. Only playing back in AudioCD mode or accessing damaged parts of the disc could enforce slowing down further.
Otherways, the drive listened blindly to the SCSi commands.

Since 2004, drives start with low speed.
As far as I know, if the PC reads incremental data in a pattern which does not look like audio CD playback (average reading request speed ×1.0 CLV and resuming from previous LBAs), the speed was increased.

After the drive encounters damage, the available speeds and available after how much delay get a bit unpredictable.
There seems to be no clear behaviour pattern.

LG for example permanently locks higher speeds when encountering damage.
LiteOn apparently allows high speeds after delays.
TSST apparently disables SCSI read requests.

Is there a formula to automatic speeds?

And is there a way to disable automatical speeds and enforce manual speeds and patterns, like aircraft autopilots?