Automatic Video clip playing

Hi i was wondering how you can stop seperate clips from playing once the clip before it has finished

Simple terms i watch a clip that i burnt to a DVD and when that clip finishes it continues onto the next one, is there any way i can get it to stop and go back to the menu automatically??


When you are completing your project in NeroVision 4 (adding video files, clicking on next, etc.), you will eventually get to the “Select Menu” screen. On the bottom is a button entiled “More” which really takes to Advanced Options but they call it “More”. Near the bottom is an option that says “When Finished Playing Title”, you have three choics: 1). Play Next Title 2). Jump to Menu or 3). Loop Title.

The default setting is Play Next Title. Change it to whatever you want. If you saved you project (as opposed to just the burned DVD), you can double-click on the project and navigate to the “Select menu” option. Change the feature you want and reburn.

I think this will get you squared away.

Thanks Im sure that will help me heaps
Ill try that next time i burn

very grateful for your help

Thanks again