Automatic reboot

I just have an problem!

When my pc is on it will reboot automaticaly between 1 and 2 hours (don’t know exactely) I searched for everything but I can’t find it. I didn’t had this problem earlier by today. I think it is because I formatted my HD and installed win2000 before I had installed win98 and I didn’t had this problem so I don’t think it’s the Hardware.

Can you please say what it can be!
-Can it be the hot. (it’s 30 decrease in my room)
-The operating system

I don’t know please respond (sorry for my bad english)

I have this problem on my w2k rig.

re-boots randomly. I thought it was a service pack problem as it started re-booting after I had sp2’d it - but I’ve re-formated since so it doesn’t look like that. as it still performs this little show for me…

how old is your pc? could some of your hardware be knackered? I am having glitches with my voodoo3 now as it’s been thrashed for a couple of years now and I think that is the problem on mine.

good luck.

It’s running on an pentium III 500mhz with 384mb RAM. My videocard is an TNT2 with 32mb. My mobo is an ASUS P2B-VM
and my HD is an maxtor 30,7gig 5400rpm.

I forgot saying that I installed windows2000 advanced server before on this box and that was working well but win2k professional not! All my hardware is working fine.

Thanks for helping