Automatic radio?


I don’t know how I did it but when I boot up a radio station (or something) starts to play. I don’t like it, especially when the volume is at Loud . After awhile it seems to stop. This is win 10, it’s like I just got used to Win 7. Good grief it scares the hell out of the cats not to mention spilling my coffee. I don’t remember it doing that at first so I must have done something.
HELP, please.


Does it play the same tune each time? If it does, something may have changed the Windows start-up sound. In this case, right-click the icon speaker at the bottom-right, in the pop-up menu select ‘Sounds’, clear the checkbox “Play Windows Start-up sound” and click ‘OK’.

Speaker menu

Speaker menu 2

If the sound is different each time you boot the computer, press the Windows Key and the Tab key together and check if there is a music application running. Some music applicatications such Spotify automatically start by default when the computer boots.


Crazy win 10. I may have had a site tuned in. Doesn’t do it now. I’ll find something else to drive me nuts. Thanks, Sean.


No good. Still does it. Some kind of malware, seems to be all commercials , sometimes 2 at a time. I have Malwarebyte, Avira, CCcleaner. Nothing Doesn’t do it every boot. Any ideas? Ticks one off.


Found something in the start up menu/task manager called ‘Blumer’. Google just brings up some guys bio. I have a felling that might be it unless someone knows what the heck it is.


I don’t recognise that app either. To start with, I suggest uninstalling apps that were installed since just before the issue started, starting with any you do not recognise such as that Blumer app.

As you mention that Malwarebytes didn’t find an issue, I suspect it could be an ad-supported app that may have been installed. This is a very common issue with Android devices with many “free” apps, where the ad component descretely runs in the background displaying pop-up ads. The Windows Store likely carries similar apps.

  1. Open the start menu and click the cog wheel on the left.
  2. Go into Apps, then click Apps and Features on the left menu.
  3. Change the “Sort by:” drop-down to “Installation date”.
  4. Uninstall any App that you do not recognise since just before the issue started.

If you still get those sounds, try uninstalling every App that was installed since the issue started. You can always reinstall again them later.


Disabled all 4 ‘Blumer’ entries from Task Master yesterday. So far so good. I’ll give that a chance for a while for now. It’s not listed in Programs just in the Task Master start menu.I’ve asked elsewhere, no one seems to know what Blumer is.