Automatic DVD play, does not work

Hello everybody.
I´m a new member of this forum. I don´t speak english very well, so that, excuse my way to explain what i want to mean.
I have a HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4240N in a Compaq Presario 2800. I bought it in december 2003 and I´ve never updated any hardware driver or firmware. Just a couple of days ago, it began to don´t start the automatic DVD play. It reads the video files without problems and even if i select those files and add them to the play list, I can watch and listen the contents. I have 3 differents programs able to play video files:
1.- Windows Media Player 10
2.- Intervideo WinDVD
3.- VLC Media Player Video LAN
If i click on the DVD icon in -myPC- or when i get the DVD into the slot, a window appears to select the program that i want to use with the inside contents of the disk. So, choosing one of the three options; the problem always occurs trying to do it works with Windows Media Player and Intervideo WinDVD, but not with VLC, this program option works correctly.
I have no problems with CDs. I can read en record files, play automatically music CDs and it starts automatically install programs CDs.
I have set the -DVD movie- option in the default content of the automatic play in the DVD properties but no difference is found. I have unistalled and re-installed Intervideo WinDVD but nothing changes.
Any idea about the problem cause? What can i do? Update the firmware? If this last is the answer, how i do it?
Thanks for whom show interest in this topic.
P.D: Language corrections accepted

You would be better off leaving autoplay disabled. having autoplay enabled is how you end up with rootkits and other nasty malware since virtually all of them install themselves thru the autoplay feature.