Automatic disc copy machine

Hello everyone.
I did serch before and i didnt find any answer for my question. i hope this is the right fourm to ask my question.

Recently i start to copy more and more cd and dvd for my job. some time i dont have time to stay next to the tower and replace the discs and ofcourse i be very happy if someone can do the job over the night.
I look at the internet and i found couple of companies that sales small automatic machines (every machine have 100 disc capacity and they can automaticly recored all the 100 discs). there is machines from Vinpower, Dexpreso,Microboards and Primera. all of them have small machines that can be stand alone or connected to the computer (small machines not the big machines) i be happy if you can recomand me a machine from one of those vendors and if it possible i be happy to know why. i think Vinpower or Dexpreso will be much chaper from Microbords and Primera but i am not sure if i am right or not (just looking on the net). thank you very much for the help. have a great day everyone.


I be really appreciate if someone can give me is advice!

Thank you.