Automated transcoding solution for batching DVD backup

Howdy all,

Here is the scenario. You have 100 gigs of already decoded ripped DVD’s. They are all 4.5+GB. What could automate the “shrinking” process by using templates? I know there are many parameters to shrinking movies but if you were to set values such as:

Use the lowest size English audio…
kill all sub titles…
set the extras to lowest compression…

I use DVDShrink right now and love it. Is there anything out there that can do this?



i don’t think dvdshrink has anything for batch processing. the only transcoder i’m aware of that does batch processing is pinnacle’s instantcopy (maybe only version 8). the batch processor is downloaded separately from pinnacle’s website, and i believe it uses the default values that you set in the options for every dvd.

Bah! Not a big fan of instantcopy. Quality is great but speed is slow.

Maybe there is some scripting I can play with to make DVDShrink work.

Thanks for your input