Automated tool to scan web for pirated material



I just posted the article Automated tool to scan web for pirated material.

Up until now, watermarking and file tagging has been a few ways of marking a file has copyrighted or owned by someone, but with the issue of pirates finding ways of overcoming tags and watermark…

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Er… one word: bullshit


**Looking at the Download section of your favorite torrent site: ACID_With_Crack.rar :B


Share your vidoes and MP3s in RAR archives. Easy.


Of course one can always place an entry in ones terms and conditions making it illegal to scan the site with this or a similar tool, and legal action will be pursued if you do…every little helps!


LOL, one can always defeat this by a uber PKzip, lol.


“Thanks to DamnIfIknow for letting us know about this news, along with this comment: Next up: Automated tool to sue people for copyright infringement…oh wait…the RIAA all ready has that! ;)” urgh… and in Europe, Logistep a private society do it very well… link: logistep is a swiss company !!! and it’s hot ! how a swiss AND private company could sue French internauts (5079 !) with an swiss and homemade listing of IP? wait and see …