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I am new here, I hope I am in the right forum.
I created a slideshow with 10 titles, each one contain several pictures
through a software called “Wondershare” and I burn it to DVD.
When I insert the disc to the DVD, I can see the menu I created with
the software, I choose the first title wiche play fine, but when its finish to show the pictures it goes back to the menu insted of continuing automaticly to the next title.
How can I burn such a slideshow ( I have also the DVD files of vob,ifo,… of that slideshow) in a way that when I insert the disc to the DVD player it will play automaticly the whole titels and only when I choose to stop in the middle it will go to the menu.
Is there a way to burn it with Nero, or other third party software like I want.

Thanks for reply

If you are familiar with DVD commands, you can load your DVD to PgcEdit (free) or DVDRemake Pro (not free) and rewrite commands to do what you want.
If that is not an option, I do not know if Nero will accept multi title, but DVD Lab will. DVD Lab Studio, should be fine for your project. There are few authoring tools on the web for free, you can check on that also. Go to under Tools.
Tools - Video software list
Other option is to combine all titles to one.

Thanks very much for reply.
I will try one of the tools and see.