Automate CD/DVD testing

Hello guys!

Here I am, decided to get my my messy disc collection in order… and keep it this way by testing media for degradation every 6-12 months…

Now the question would be, is there any way to automate saving of results for CDSpeed or/and KProbe2? What I’d love to see is something like: insert CD, it automatically gets tested for PIE/PIF + Transfer test, 2 graphs and text log get saved to .png using some kind of unique disc id + date as filename, loud beep comes prompting me to insert next disc. Repeat till you drop.

Then do it all again in 6 months…

Am I dreaming or is this possible to achieve, using some macros maybe?

I’d go a bit further: After every burning procedure automatic PIE/PIF and TRT scans would be performed and the results saved.

So i’m interested in the solution as well :slight_smile:

I’ve been performing and saving more than 1500 scans, and didn’t find any way to automate these process. :disagree:

Macros? :eek: CDSpeed isn’t Microsoft Word… :bigsmile: