Does anyone have a non-software solution to the autolink being used by advertisers and marketers?

I should not be forced to tolerate content I have do not desire.
Nor do I want my posts to contain links to any site I did not intend to endorse or recommend.


hmm, I either haven’t noticed it or simply havent been bothered by it, can you refer to a post so I can see what specifically is linking with this autoling feature?

I will gladly try to help you with tweaking at it.


well, I am still not sure how they look, but I found this option:
click here:

scroll to the very bottom and type in “No” and see fi that works


Bad spelling is one answer. If the parser can’t reckognize it, it won’t link it.


auto links. yes i have noticed a few of the blue ones. such as when you type a word such as ner0 or dvdfaab.

whats really annoying is trying to view the forum as a guest using IE. there are all sorts of different color links with underlines everywhere.

i had forgotten about the really annoying stuff, since i have been using firefox 2 with NO SCRIPT. this is a software partial solution, which most of the visitors are not using.

//on a side note, i just noticed cdfreaks gave me a popup with a survey?? never noticed this before. just closed it. :Z


[quote=xtacydima;2091107]well, I am still not sure how they look, but I found this option:
click here:

scroll to the very bottom and type in “No” and see fi that works[/quote] As far as I can tell, that option does nothing. I have set it to “No” a while ago and I still get autolinks in my posts, like Nero, DVD Shrink and so on.

I’m not sure if those are the autolinks that Nemesys is talking about.


Drage send can you or Nemesys attach a screeny of how it looks, I dont get any popups here.


Thanks for the responses.
Any input is appreciated.

I had not noticed the [B]Use Autolinks[/B] option in the user profile, but as [B]Drage[/B] revealed, setting it to “No” effected no solution.

The autolinks I refer to are pseudo links associated with keywords that redirects you to an advertisers web site when clicked on.

An example would be the word ZoneAlarm, which I did not insert an hyperlink, as evident in this post and in the first line of post below.

The autolink indicated that the URL is

Adding to my list of Restricted Sites in IE7 has not been successful.

Any solutions would be appreciated.


sorry been away and busy with some stuff, I see what you meannow Nemesys, I will mess with settings to see if I can figure something out, this got me interested now.

if I find something I will post here of course.


Thank you for your diligence.

Your efforts are much appreciated.


About the only way around it is to put a space between the letters like N e r o


The problem with that is that you cannot predict which words you type will be hijacked with that crap.

I have Active Scripting disabled in IE7 and it is still prevalent.

Of all the forums I visit, this is the only one that displays that issue.