The speed of AutoGK ranges anywhere from 3fps to 15fps, with the average being around 6-8fps. This means that it takes 3 hrs for a 2G (1 hr tv show) to be converted to avi after I’ve decrypted it (DVD Decrypter). I’ve worked with these 2 programs over 100 times but I’m getting very tired of AutoGK taking so long.

Some info about my pc:

Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (build 2600)
Board: ECS K7S5A
950 megahertz AMD Duron Processor
768 Megabytes Installed Memory

My pc is a workhorse and performs every other program quickly. I defrag at least once a month, sometimes twice, and I run PC onPoint every few days to clean up my pc. I have no viruses/trojans/malware.

Is it my pc or is it AutoGK that’s so slow? Is there another program that can do the same job but faster?


P.S. And why is it that I can’t do a search at this forum? Whenever I try, the message pops up that I have to register first. I’ve already registered and it won’t take the same email address twice.

converting to Xvid/DivX is a very processor intensive task, I doubt that your system is simply not able to do this faster.

It’s simply not powerful enough for video transcoding!

Yes, I only get 75-80 fps maximum through my P4 3.4 HT in the transcoding stage when going from MPEG2 -> MPEG4 (.avi) with FairUse.

P.S. I think the search facility is currently unavailable due to the protracted move of servers.

Hi, Thanks for clearing it up for me. My pc’s almost 4 yrs old and I know it’s time to replace it, but it costs bucks . . . so maybe in a year or two.

imkidd57 ?

I only get 75-80 fps maximum

In my dreams!

Yes, sorry! I wasn’t trying to make you feel worse :flower:.

It actually only works out at about 3x real-time, so with dual pass I still do most of it overnight in a batch.

You could always move to another program/codec… Nero Digital is pretty darn fast, I believe.