AutoGk questions



Hi all.

I currently have about 15 tv episodes saved on the hard drive. they are vob files and roughly 1.8 gb in size.
I am using autogk to convert these to xvid, and have a few questions.

1 . Should The resolution settings be set to Auto Width? or should I set them to 720, which is what the source file says it is when right clicking on it.
2 . What audio setting should I use? Im currently using 128kbps vbr.
3 . I want best possible quality with these files, and do not care about the size. So I set the size limit to custom, and 1800mb is the limit. Should I change this?
4 . Because I set it to 1800mb limit, it says this: Warning: final AVI will likely be undersized. What does this mean? Does quality suffer because of this? Or does it just mean it did not reach the size I wanted it to?

this is a log.

[10/2/2010 2:21:03 PM] AutoGK 2.55
[10/2/2010 2:21:03 PM] OS: Windows Vista (6.1.7600).2
[10/2/2010 2:21:03 PM] Job started.
[10/2/2010 2:21:03 PM] Input file: C:\Users\Pearce\Desktop\SUPERNATURAL disc 3\VTS_04_1.VOB
[10/2/2010 2:21:03 PM] Output file: C:\Users\Pearce\Desktop\VTS_04_1.avi
[10/2/2010 2:21:03 PM] Output codec: XviD
[10/2/2010 2:21:03 PM] Audio 1: Audio Stream 0 AC3
[10/2/2010 2:21:03 PM] Subtitles: none
[10/2/2010 2:21:03 PM] Format: AVI
[10/2/2010 2:21:03 PM] Target size: 700Mb
[10/2/2010 2:21:03 PM] Custom resolution settings: fixed width of 640 pixels
[10/2/2010 2:21:03 PM] Audio 1 settings: VBR MP3 with average bitrate: 128Kbps
[10/2/2010 2:21:03 PM] Started encoding.
[10/2/2010 2:21:03 PM] Demuxing and indexing.
[10/2/2010 2:21:24 PM] Processing file: C:\Users\Pearce\Desktop\SUPERNATURAL disc 3\VTS_04_1.VOB
[10/2/2010 2:21:24 PM] Source resolution: 720x576
[10/2/2010 2:21:24 PM] Found PAL source.
[10/2/2010 2:21:24 PM] Source aspect ratio: 16:9
[10/2/2010 2:21:24 PM] Analyzing source.
[10/2/2010 2:22:44 PM] Source is considered to be progressive.
[10/2/2010 2:22:44 PM] Output will contain 62276 frames
[10/2/2010 2:22:44 PM] Decoding audio.
[10/2/2010 2:23:07 PM] Normalizing audio.
[10/2/2010 2:23:14 PM] Encoding audio.
[10/2/2010 2:26:17 PM] Using VAQ in XviD
[10/2/2010 2:26:17 PM] Audio1 size: 35,046,504 bytes (33.42 Mb)
[10/2/2010 2:26:18 PM] Overhead: 2,491,008 bytes (2.38 Mb)
[10/2/2010 2:26:18 PM] Video size: 696,465,688 bytes (664.20 Mb)
[10/2/2010 2:26:18 PM] Running compressibility test.
[10/2/2010 2:27:19 PM] Duration was: 1 minute, 0 seconds
[10/2/2010 2:27:19 PM] Speed was: 51.33 fps.
[10/2/2010 2:27:19 PM] Compressibility percentage is: 200.39
[10/2/2010 2:27:19 PM] Using sharper matrix
[10/2/2010 2:27:19 PM] Switching b-frames off
[10/2/2010 2:27:19 PM] Chosen resolution is: 640x368 ( AR: 1.74 )
[10/2/2010 2:27:19 PM] Predicted comptest value is: 112.57%
[10/2/2010 2:27:19 PM] Running first pass.
[2/10/2010 2:38:10 PM] Duration was: 10 minutes 51 seconds
[2/10/2010 2:38:10 PM] Speed was: 95.61 fps.
[2/10/2010 2:38:11 PM] Expected quality of first pass size: 113.50%
[2/10/2010 2:38:11 PM] Trying to adjust settings.
[2/10/2010 2:38:11 PM] No adjustment is possible
[2/10/2010 2:38:11 PM] Warning: final AVI will likely be undersized.
[2/10/2010 2:38:11 PM] Running second pass.
[2/10/2010 2:53:51 PM] Duration was: 15 minutes 39 seconds
[2/10/2010 2:53:51 PM] Speed was: 66.31 fps.
[2/10/2010 2:53:51 PM] Job finished. Total time: 32 minutes 48 seconds
================================================== ==

thanks all.


I haven’t used AGK much but your log shows the resolution was changed to 640x368 .If that’s what you want then it’s OK but if you want 720x576 like the original then you need to set it that way.
I was able to set the custom as large as I wanted .So I’m not sure why your’s is limited.
.mp3 audio was limited to 320kbps vbr max . You should check the original with G-spot or Media info. If the audio data you have is large enough on it the use the max in AGK.


Hi :bigsmile:

The Auto width setting is used by AutoGK when you specify a precise file size. The program will calculate the best quality and will choose the resolution automatically.

If you want an exact resolution, you can specify it manually.

I suggest to use AC3, i.e. leave the audio untouched to get the best quality.

If you want the best quality, and file size is not important, then leave each file untouched, i.e. as VOB files. You can create a video DVD containing each episode with any authoring software. You can find some here

Sorry, I’m not able to answer this question :frowning:

My guess is that autogk is saying that is pointless to convert a 1800MB VOB file into a 1800 MB avi file. If you want to keep the same file size, then why do this conversion? The original file will anyway have a better quality.

In fact, “compressing” a 1800MB VOB file into a 1800MB avi file is like to convert a mp3 file into an OGG file: being both compressed formats, the conversion will inevitably cause a quality loss.

My suggestion is to use a DVD authoring software to make a video DVD. In this way you’ll have no quality loss :slight_smile: