AutoGK 2.40 No Video Problem



Hi folks,

I have searched different posts and forums and I did not see an answer to my problem …

FYI, I am running windows XP and re-installed the AutoGK 2.40 Stable version … however, I run it off of an external Hard Drive …

Every time it runs thru it’s thing … However, it DOES NOT create a Video … just Audio and therefore there is no Final AVI product.

I am using a portion of a DVD that I have … just a Clip for the testing purposes so I am not waiting for hours on the encoding.

I am attaching my “Logfile” may be someone can shed a light.



@ gonwk it’s a Codec Problem! Uninstall all your Codec’s and install them again and it should work ! :slight_smile:


Hi Coathi,

THANKS for your quick reply …

Now do you mean all the Codecs that AutoGK uses … like XviD … right!?>!?!
Because I have ffmpeg and so forth also.



Yes uninstall all of them Start with uninstalling XviD and if you have DivX and the others and leave AutoGK till last. Then Reboot and start installing DivX, XviD and all your other codec you have and install AutoGK last. :slight_smile:

This method has worked before for [B]XCEPTION: Range check error[/B] it might not be the solution to your problem but it’s something worth trying. :slight_smile:


Hi Coathi,

THANKS for getting back to me. :slight_smile: