AutoGK 2.26 and latest XviD + VirtualDubMod

I am a newby when it comes to video encoding, and intially was split between DivX 6.1 and XviD 1.1. After some research and some test encodings, I have come to the conclusion that XviD is the better of the two codecs, despite the fact it’s free. :slight_smile:

Anyway, to back up some of my DVD collection I decided to use AutoGK 2.26, but the release version comes with pre-release versions of XviD and VirtualDubMod ( or

The homepage of AutoGK says

  • version 2.26 fixed undersized files with latest XviD and 2.25 - use only XviD bundled!

So, my question is…

Is it OK to use AutoGK 2.26 with XviD 1.1 final and VirtualDubMod ?

Also, are any serious problems addressed by updating these two modules ?

PS. I would’ve posted at the official AutoGK forum, but after registering found they’ve got a stupid rule that means you can only post/reply after being registered for 5 days!!!

I’m using the latest Xvid & VirtualdubMod without any issues. I can’t imagine that replacing the bundled ones with the latest should cause any problems. You can always uninstall & reinstall if needed.