My dad owns an irrigation business and is interested in autocad do to design layouts. What version would be better to buy? He doesnt really need the huge program…but i dunno. He was thinking about autocad lite, but also wouldnt mind getting autocad 2004 if its that much better. I need some input on this, so please help a brutha out :smiley:

If your going to do a significant amount of detailed drawings, get the full version.
If they are simple drawings that only take a few hours to draw, you’re probably OK with Lite.

Lite doesn’t have some of the convenient drawing features that the full version does, but it’s great for simple building layouts and stuff.

He needs it to do irrigation work like drawing the farmer’s field and showing where the pipe needs to be and all that. Is there an addone program or something that he will need in order to do that?

I think for your application Lite would be perfect.

You can draw lines indicating the field and lines for the irrigation system very easily with dimension information for any feature. (like length of irrigation line, diameter of pipe, type of pipe, fitting type etc.) You can also store any drawing or part of any drawing as a block. When this is done, you just add that block to your current drawing and you don’t have to draw it again.

There are also predrawn blocks of common stuff available (some with Lite, some separately) Like shrubs, trees, and even pipe fittings.

CAD packages are very different to use than other drawing packages. I highly recommend a course or tutorial to get started. It takes some getting used to in order to take advantage of all the convenient features.

Do you happen to know any the links to places that have these predrawn blocks? It sounds like we are going to need quite a few of these blocks. Don’t they use name-brand products, also?

You can search on for “acad blocks”

You can also get many acad drawings from parts manufacturers.

You seem pretty educated with AutoCAD…do you use it often? Would AutoCAD have every option that the LT version plus more, or does LT have things that the 2004 edition doesn’t? And are these Acad blocks normally free?

I’ve used it quite bit. Both the full version and lite. 2004 has everything that Lite does and more. Some blocks are free, some aren’t. Look around before you buy any. Unless you’re doing heavily detailed schematics for precision parts you don’t need the full version. You will get a tutorial CD with Lite that will get you started. Whomever you buy it from should absolutely provide support for you to learn the basics.

my dad uses microsoft paint for his fields

Paint would probably work for smaller drawings, but our business needs it to be exact: every degree of fitting, air vents, diameter of pipe, flush valves, and anything else you can think of. So the acad blocks seem like a good idea.