does anyone knows or there is a program that you can configure your computer to boot and close at certain times? ( If my pc is turned of it has to turn on )

Greetz Jojk


well that is impossible because the power switch is turned off and no software is able to push the button and boot up the computer. If you are in standby mode it is possible to let the computer perform certain tasks while you are away. After the tasks he’ll go back in standby mode…


I know it sounds stupid, but to boot the pc: use an eletronic timer. To shut it down at a certain time: a program for that shouldn’t be hard to find. And 5 minutes later you program the eletronic timer to cut the electricity, so your computer was properly shut down.


in your bios you can set a time of the day when your pc boots even when the poser is off

My pc boots at 8.00 am everyday authomaticly


I need a bios upgrade then…