Autobooktype - possible to set for DVD+R only?


I have ordered a LiteOn standalone DVD-Recorder (LVW-5001). It probably contains a 411s DVD burner.

According to this thread, bitsetting is possible using omnipatcher’s autobooktype option:

The problem is that my Toshiba DVD-Rom drive cannot read DVD+RW booktyped to DVD-Rom. So is it possible to select autobooktype for DVD+R only - and standard DVD+RW booktype for DVD+RW?

Thanks for your help!

Omnipatcher does both or none. I seem to recall another tool around, let me look and post if I find it.

The official Liteon Booktype tool might do it and CDSpeed has a tab that sets booktype separately; it might work with what you want.

Thanks a lot for your reply. Has any1 tested if the bitsetting option in CDSpeed works with LiteOn drives?

Not really as I don’t burn with Liteon anymore. My experience with CDSpeed is that it works if it indicates the tab. I’ll check when I get home and see if it likes my 812S.

I checked my CDSpeed 3.80 with my Liteon 812S and it does what you wanted. I am not sure of the support with the 411 but so far, it looks like a go.

Thank you very, very much. My unit should arrive today - and I will post if it works! Have a nice day.

The 411S doesn’t save it’s booktype setting, so the Liteon bitsetting tool isn’t the answer, because the moment it’s depowered your back to no bitsetting again. But even if it did the bitsetting flag in the 411S is common to both +R and +RW, so unfortunately you can’t enable just one and not the other :sad:.

I could possibly do you a custom version, with +R only bitsetting, if you sent me the drives firmware but load it into OmniPatcher first and make sure the auto bitsetting option is not greyed. If it’s greyed the firmware does not support bitsetting anyway.

That’s what we needed all along; someone with direct access to the firmware.

Thanks guys. The CDFreaks community is awesome.

Unfortunately, they sent me a broken device - it did not work at all :frowning: So I had to send it back. Have a nice weekend!

I know the feeling :sad:. I hope your replacement works better :).