Auto update

I have the uptodate version and have on all previous versions kept the auto update feature checked. But nothing has ever happened, does not notify me of newer versions or download same what is this supposed to do

it is not an “auto update” feature. it is an update notification feature. a popup window will come up the first time you restart the program after a new update has been released and it will ask you if you want to go to the anydvd page to download the latest version.

it will never install anything on your computer…it is just a notifier.

if your update notification is not working correctly it might be a good idea to email support(at)slysoft(dot)com and let them know the version number you’re using, your registration information and your exact issue and see if they have anything to say about it.

also it wouldn’t hurt to uninstall the program and get a fresh download from and reinstall. it’s possible something was corrupted along the way. make sure you have your keys in a safe place before uninstalling.

for example, i never got around to updating to the beta so when I closed and reopened anydvd yesterday, this is what I was greeted with:

You may have it blocked by your firewall as well, so it can’t get out to check.

Or like me I get an email whenever there is an update as well