Auto Update of DVD Fab

Hey guys I am using version I got an e-mail a few days ago telling me about the new live update to version So I opened it up. The box pops up telling me to update now I do. It downloads and then the download box disappears. Nothing happens ?? I restarted Dvdfab I am still using the older version. What am I missing? I have tried it 3 times.

Can’t say why it didn’t update for you, it worked for me just fine, maybe its a setting thing, its all new to me.:wink:

I guess I am the only person with the problem.

[QUOTE=captaincancerstix;2695309]I guess I am the only person with the problem.[/QUOTE]

I’m not sure what’s going wrong and I can’t test this for you ATM as I’m away for the rest of the week but it’s a new feature so it’s possible that there’s a glitch in there.

As a fix though I’d suggest downloading it from the website and installing it manually.


Ok thanks Wombler

I refuse use version 9 . So I can’t help.
When it no longer works I guess fentao will have got rid of an old customer
with a lifetime subscription.
Fortunately for me I have the main competitons lifetime software.
So far it doen’t need to phone home .
It does need internet for bluray but I’m not doing bluray.

Not exactly what I(everyone ) purchased originally.

You can’t use the program on a not connected computer so fengtao can check every time if your a thief. The check is not to make the program work better.

Even the bluray being done on the internet by both is for the companies convenience not the customers.
IMO both of these companies & any other software company doing this need to shape back up & have the customer connect only when they want to.