Auto Strategy Works!

I purchased a 100 pack of CompUSA shrink-wrapped 4x DVD-R made in Hong Kong for $19.99 US, media I.D. AN31.

PX-716UF/TLA0101/FW 1.04/PR=ON/AS=ON

Got the following burn with it:

My Panasonic E80H standalone DVD recorder was quite a bit less forgiving of this dubious media.

Tom, a really good (4x?) burn for that kind of media!

Did you get it at the first try, or did you notice an ‘improvement’ on subsequent burns?

Regards, :smiley:


The above scan was the second burn. The first burn was actually fractionally, (insignificantly) better, but I didn’t save it.

But the salient points were that I was doing a “Write-Transfer” test, and I thought something was wrong because it was taking so long, seemingly doing nothing or stuck in an endless loop. But it came out of it, and began the burn and finished. Apparently, the Auto-Strategy function was taking place before the first burn, so the first disk was as good as the last, or at least it was in this instance.

So to answer your question more directly, I noticed no improvement on subsequent burns, they all have been like the above, so far.

…and yes…the media (I.D. AN31) was burned at 4x, no other speed option was presented.

Thanks for the informations, Tom! :smiley: