Auto Run override problem




My project is on a CD and contains HTML and videos accessible from HTML links. For the most part everything works great. However on Dell PCs with DVDs with PowerDVD by Cyberlink, the DVD player opens on insertion and looks for a DVD to play. (This may happen on other PCs with DVD’s but I haven’t seen it so far).
I also made a DVD version of the project and the Dells open with the video instead of the designated index.html page
So, since there’s plenty of Dells out there, I’ll need to accommodate the Cyberlink player. How do I do that ?



Welcome to the forum. Simply right clicking on the icon in my computer window, then select open with… then select what program from the list you want to open it. Look for the check in the box otherwise uncheck it or it will open everytime with the software you picked.



My problem isn’t with my PC however. It’s with the PC’s of viewers of my project what have PowerDVD installed. How do I circumvent that program’s setting that ignores my project’s autorun command ?