Auto restarts

hi, im new to this so sorry before i start. my computer tower auto restarts on a reguler bases, 1 person said its my mother board, then they said it could be my proccesor, someone else said it could be my graphics card, ive been through my device manger and nothing is showing as having any problems, my tower is 3 yrs old and ive cleaned my cpu fan with compressed air, but that hasnt made any differance, it can go a week without doing it, then it will do it 4/5 times in a day. it will do it when im playing a game, burning a disc, or just sat idle doing nothing. can you help please ? as im disabled and i rely on my computer.

That is mostly due to a heat problem. Check the fans and the fit of the CPU and CPU fan. When this happened to me it was a broken clip on the CPU heat sink.

Unfortunately twiggy it can be a lot of things. You can try running memtest86+, it will test your ram for errors, its free Link. Create a bootable CD with one of the pre-built iso’s, you can use IMGburn (free) to create the CD, Link.

It could also be your power supply. To test it you can use a voltage meter and check the 12V and 5V on a molex connector.

Ram, Overheating, Bad SATA/IDE controller driver, Bad Video Card Driver.

  1. Download the latest reference (manufacturer) driver for your video card.

  2. Download the latest reference (manufacturer) driver for your IDE/SATA controllers - may be from your motherboard manufacturer.

  3. Install the reference drivers.

  4. In windows devices manager (right click my computer ->Properties->Hardware->Device Manager-> IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers & also SCSI devices) delete your primary Dual channel PCI IDE controllers, or nvidia, or whatever. Don’t bother deleting your Primary/secondary channels, they’re just part of the main controller). Reboot.

Windows will automatically reinstall the latest drivers (which you just installed earlier) when it reboots.