Auto-renaming CD-drive letters in Win XP!

Hi everybody.

I don’t know why my CD-drive letters automatically change and I can not fix them to my desired letters.
Always I use Virtual-CD and Alcohol 120%. My desired CD drivers arangement are like this:

1- Virtual-CD drive
2- Alcohol 120% drive
3- NEC 3350A DVD-RW
4- ASUS 5224 CD-RW

But sometimes they are rearranged and I can not stop this action.
I don’t know virtual-CD v8.0 is responsible to this action or any other software, but it always happens after installing virtual-cd, not instantly, after installing some softwares. Few months ago, this changes occured after installing one specific version of ZoneAlarm, but last night I installed my needed softwares carefully and watched my drive arrangements. There was no problem !
At last I restarted windows 3 times, there was no problem too.
Then I backuped my partition, but after restarting drive letters changed like this !

3- Virtual-CD drive
4- Alcohol drive

So I deleted this f*cking image. :sad:

I tried to change drive letters from Control panel > Administative tools > Computer management, but after restarting drive letters changed again !! :frowning:
I searched registry and try to change the registry keys of SCSI drives, but I’d no success !!!

I uninstalled virtual-cd and rearranged drives, but again they changed !
I didn’t install any firewall or anti-virus, even not Nero burning tools.

I have Win XP SP2.

Does anybody have a solution for stoping rearrangement of drives by windows? :rolleyes:

You could try Tweak And just delete all letter options but slow down and tell us what drives you have installed and just precisely what happens after a reboot. I think I see what is going on, the software drives are moving around not the hardware drives, right?
If so, they will install in the order that the software loads as it boots and I have found no way to force that order of operation as my reboot order is often rearranged. If one of these can be started after the boot, maybe do so after the other has installed?
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I think Virtual CD 8 caused this problem.
I Installed version 9 and drives letter haven’t change anymore after my arrangement till now!

You have to be the admin to change drive letters. I’ve never had any problems with any of my drives.