Auto-renaming - best audiotool

I’m after a utility that would allow me to auto rename my track numbers from my various 2 CD collections.

I’m using EAC with a simple format of %T - %N which puts the track number at the beginning, but when I’m doing the second CD the track number starts at 01 again, obviously … it would be nice to be able to force what the first track number is going to be in EAC. I want to combine two directories of MP3’s into 1 directory and have all the files in playlist order automatically (as a function of the naming starting with numbers).

As far as I can see this can’t be done in EAC, I’ve downloaded some utilities from, but was wondering if anyone know’s off the top of there head if there is such a beasty out there

Thanks in advance.


The one and only mp3 tool: Tag & Rename

Search for it on

yaya, mp3 tag and rename can poll freedb to get the information about the cd, and write idv1 and v2 (i think) tags from it :wink:

is the one google search will find it;) :smiley: