Auto insert notification?



ok im using nero express and after my reformat i am getting this message when i start up nero express “Auto Insert is turned on in the system configuration. This might cause serious problems while burning: your cd might be damaged or your system might hang up. Nero is able to burn cd’s with auto notification turned on if all nessasary drivers are installed” i check “continue at your own risk” and it still comes up every time i start nero. i remember the last time tho i had auto insert notification on and it never gave me that error. any suggestions? i have all the drivers insalled too.


disable the feature :slight_smile:


i could disable it true, but im interested in why it worked fine before the reformat and now it gives me an error. maybe its an issue in the bundled version and was fixed in an update. i guess ill try that, but until tehn any more suggestions would be appreciated.