Auto Gordian Knot Problem

i have been trying to convert some video from avi to xvid with Auto Gordian Knot
but every time i do it the video always comes out distorted (video plays faster than original and audio is out of sync) i am converting with settings set to 100% quality. does anybody know what is going on with this thing?

Have you tried the new 2.40 versions?

Just so you know, I’ve been working with AGK and it just doesn’t function properly for me. But I have found Dr Divx to work as expected, and it is also free. In fact, it’s Open Source now.

Here’s the link for AGK 2.40:

Here’s the link for Dr Divx:

Good luck.

i have tried the new 2.40 version and it still dint work but i also used dr. divx but the quality seems low. is there anyway i can make it better quality. i ajusted the settings and it still not very good.

anyone have any suggestions?

Under the ADVANCED tab on Dr Divx, there are a bunch of settings for quality. Also, if you visit the Dr Divx page, you may find some good info in the FORUM as well as some nice custom profiles from other folks that may have jacked the quality way up.

You could also adjust the resolution stuff to minimize resampling.

At least Dr Divx is working for ya. I think it’s just a matter of tweaking it now.

Best of luck.

alright man seems to be workin. i let ya know how this big video turns out