Auto disconect



after 30 mins my computer is coming up with this program saying windows will shut off internet using auto disconect how do i find it to take it off my computer or shut it down for good it coming on evertime i turn my internet it has been doing it a lot but iv just found it thanks if you can help


I heard that something like this happens if you use a illegal copy of windows, and sp2 automatically checks that and messes up your system, however im not sure if that keeps shutting down you computer or not. Could be a virus.


its not a virus its a proper program in windows xp called auto disconnect it never worked before i did a fresh install 2 weeks ago it keeps comming on after 30 mins


In task manager what is the image name you see?


Hi there netizen,

Did you scan your system for know viruses?
Did you updated your legitemate Windows with the latest updates?
Do you have some werid funky search bar popping up in your Internet Explorer?
If you mistakenly mistype a url, do you get transported to the same funky website as your funky search bar is?


if your on 56k go into your connection options and change “idle time before hanging up” from xx minutes to never. if your not on 56k do as the others have said scan for viruses


Good point, I was about to ask if the OP was on dialup (the only time I ever knew Windows itself to hang up if the connection was inactive was when I was on 56k).