Auto Detect New Version not working?

Hi All,

I have recently purchased DVDFab Platinum and have been very pleased with the product and these forums – learnt loads already.

The version I had was and I recently I saw the note on the forum re. version and thought great would get the download next time I started DVDFab.

With the version, I’d previulsy checked on the “Common Settting” – “auto detect new version” was checked but when I started DVDFab there was no warning/notice of a new version or did I wish to download etc… ?

Is this something I’m missing, that this only checks every so often (the note seems to indicate it should be every time) ?

Also I noticed the versions seem to go out of step, Beta and then is released ?

It’s no big deal as I’ve downloaded now but would just like to know for furture release and make sure this updates.



Best advice I can give you to make sure you get the updates is to check this forum’s stickys every couple days as I do.

Hi Metrock,

Yeah I will do this anyway – just seems odd that this does seem to be a feature of the software that wasn’t working.

I do have anti-virus/firewall on my pc and there’s nothing in there that’s stopping the update from accessing the internet so really i cannot see why this didn’t prompt me that there’s a newer version.

I guess I’ll keep an eye and if this happens again will re-raise in the forums.



Hi Asbac,

It may not be enough simply not to block Fab’s access to the internet, you may have to manually enable this access via your firewall.
For eg., normally my wife does not Fab’s update feature enabled. I just enabled it (platinum v. and still I received no prompt. Her laptop is behind a hardware fw as well as software, ZoneAlarm. (Fab’s status at this point apparently is limbo, ie., it is not blocked, but it does not have access granted).

I just manually granted access to to Fab via ZoneAlarm and
Eureeeeka!..the prompt is enabled.

Hope this helps.

I have mentioned this a while back this was happening so I assume it was corrected? I haven’t had this installed lately due to testing other software out.

Hey Maineman,

Thanks for this — there could well be a common theme here :-), I too use ZoneAlarm for my firewall — so I’ll take a look at this and grant access.

I’ve not done this before but sure I can work this out – if I get stuck i might pm you – hope that’s OK and thanks for the heads up.


You bet…glad to lend a hand (hope this does the trick).
Sharing info is what this foum is all about… :iagree:

hi mainman,

think i found it and made the change on the firewall so we’ll see next update !!! sure it won’t be too long as the pace of change seems to be quick and regular updates are cool.

will let you know with a pm if i get stuck.

tkx again



DVDFab will check new version weekly, so when you see new version on our website, DVDFab may don’t check it yet.

Best Regards,

Like Fengtao said DVDFab checks for updates once a week not everytime you start the program :smiley:

hey guys thanks for the answers makes sense

I guess I was just confused with the “auto-detect” checkbox as this did not say weekly or every “<nnn> days” etc… and it could well have been a firewall issue on my side (should now be sorted) but will keep my eyes open for the next version and wait a week to see if i get prompted.

all the best