Auto-copy on insert


I’m trying to build a self-made dvd duplicator.
Is there a way to set dvdfab to auto-copy a dvd with default settings as soon as it is inserted without having to click any buttons?

check out this web site. not using dvdfab but if dvdfab had keyboard shorcuts this could possibly be done with dvdfab.


Thanks for the response, that was an interesting read.

I had actually thought about doing something similar to that – I found software to program a macro which would automate the process.

The problem I ran into was that the dvd-duplicator I’m planning to build would mimic retail dvd-duplicators (no monitor/keyboard/mouse/etc).
My solution to this would be to make the windows auto-run for dvd-videos set to run my macro script, and the autorun for blank ones set to ‘no action’.

I was hoping there would have been a developed feature that would allow this behavior already included in dvd fab but I guess it wont be that easy. If anyone has any other ideas I’d love to hear them.