Auto chapters in Nero Vision;

I’m a lazy kinda guy and when it comes to inserting chapters when burning a DVD from an AVI etc I choose the ‘make chapters automatically’ option.

I know these chapters can be accessed some way, but I can’t find how.
When I make the chapters manually they appear in the menu individually, however when made in auto, on the menu page, it just shows as one box.
Does anyone know how to find them?

My friends are giving me a hard time about not being able to navigate my DVD’s.
Personally, I just navigate by the ‘time-slip’ funtion on my DVR, but some people like chapters.
Thank you very much for your help,
Paul (Bruddap)

You should be able to see the chapters normally, unless perhaps you have too many. Do you allow NeroVision to detect the scenes when editing prior to adding chapters?

What I like to do is split the video where I want the chapters and then let the chapters be added for each video. That way, a chapter is placed at each split.

On your menu page, do you show sub menus? You can modify what type of menus are made, as far as Title and Chapter menus or title menus only, etc.

I just go to the bottom of the ‘capture video’/‘add video files’ etc page of NeroVision and check ‘more’ at the bottom of the page and then check ‘add chapters automatically’.

I kind of a newbie and I just follow the quickest route to burning files. I just add the file and have Nero add the chapters automatically and type in the title and click ‘burn’ and Bob’s your uncle.

Now when I go to play the DVD it just has one box in the menu page and that’s the actual movie.
What I was wondering, if Nero creates chapters automatically, where can you (if you can) access them?

From the latest HELP file:

[I]The following requirement has to be fulfilled:

The Select Menu screen is displayed.
To edit the menu, proceed as follows:

In the Menu to be used selection menu, choose whether your disc should contain title and chapter menus, title menus only or no menu at all. [/I]

Maybe you have “Title menus only” selected in the drop down list?