Auto CD Players

I recently purchased a 1999 dodge intrepid. I have recorded cds and they will not play in my cd player in the car (stock cd player) is there a reason why? If there a program to help. I have loads of music that wont play, but a purchased cd will work fine

not all cd players (esp older ones) are capable of playing cdrs, which seems to be the case here (assuming u’ve burnt the cds correctly as audio cds).

It could well be that there’s just a compatibility probleem between your car’s player and certain media (or even, certain media burned at a certain speed on a certain writer with a certain firmware).

I say: play around a little with the variables (brand/type of media, writer, firmware, burning speed) and see what happens. Some players are really really really (I can’t exagerate enough;)) picky with CDRs. There are even some players that just accept rewritable discs.

btw welcome aboard!

thanks, I was afraid of that. I have recorded them correctly they work on everyone else cd player in their cars but mine. appreciate the come back.

Depending on your cd burner you could try Feurio! to burn the cds. It seems to work real well with all the media ive tried and all the car players as well as boomboxes etc…

Hmm. Try using a cd-rw and see if it works

i have tried everything. rws, cdr fancy expensive ones. used all the programs could find. tried some of the converters. All I know is that the cd’s that you buy, the file extension is .cda. so i tried a file converter for that. did not work. lets face it. the cd in the car has to go. I was hoping to find away around not taking it out, but i like to listen to music my way. gosh the internet has me so spoiled. thanks for all your help. I am sure glad i logged in and found this place. Oh by the way, I have used the search button religiously. You guys were my last resort.