Auto CD player ate my CDs!


I own a 05 Prius with a JBL 6-CD player / changer. It ate and will not eject the library CDs I put in to listen to … anyone know how I can get them out and if this will happen again??



Hi and Welcome!

at first I’d suggest to read the manual if there is some “emergency eject” procedure described.
If not, I’d suggest to contact an authorised dealer (Either Toyota, if the unit is factory installed, or JBL in case on an aftermarket product) for assistance.

Additional question: are these discs labelled with a sticker? In such case, this might happen again.


thanks Michael for the response … did check the manual … was hoping to avoid the cost of going to the dealership but looks like that is my only option …


For your amusement: Some years ago, on a night drive to San Francisco, my passenger inserted a music CD into the auto CD player and the CD disappeared. No music, no reject, gone!

The next day we found the CD, amongst the wires behind the dash. Seems there was a thin gap below the CD player and the dash, just the right size for a CD to fit. I had to take apart the dashboard to retrieve the CD (which was intact).

It has become a family joke. I trust this is not your problem.