Auto cd err - any cd is inserted

car audio display cd err - when any type of cd is inserted

get cd err in car audio - when any type of cd is inserted - any suggestion

  1. What media are you using. ->Try TY.
  2. What program are you using?
  3. What type of CD compilation are you burning it as?

An Audio CD is different to a Data CD.

  • Dropping some MP3’s onto a Data CD compilation results a data cd with MP3’s, which is not playable with a standard Audio CD player.

  • Dropping some MP3’s onto an Audio CD compialtion results in an Audio CD, which should be playable by a standard Audio CD Player, if the CD’s have a high enough reflectivity & a low error rate.

  • TY (Any) or MCC (DL+ only) CD’s generally have low Error rates. MCC DL+ have a relatively low reflectivity & many players won’t play these, especially car Audio players.

  • Crappy CD’s (aka what you find in most stores, even with Big names like Verbatim, TDK, etc) will often have high error rates, or a large variability in quality, even on the same disc, let alone between discs in the same spindle, or different batches.