Auto Bitsetting

Have just purchased LG4163B drive and I am
wondering if there is a firmware that supports auto bitsetting

Flash to the latest firmware (currently A105) and use the latest version of Nero Burning ROM, done.

The issue with that suggestion, however, is that it requires the usage of Nero in order to have the book type changed automatically. Once the system restarts, the book type returns to the default LG settings (DVD+R and DVD+R DL as opposed to DVD-ROM). I’d prefer to use firmware that sets the book type to DVD-ROM by default, but as far as I know, it doesn’t exist.

Then don’t reboot your drive. Easy if you power your drive from separate power supply.

Or, go to Alexnoe’s homepage. If you don’t know about it, search. (Should take less than 10 seconds.)

asked the same question a while back…
got one in an acard copy box.
would be nice to have permenent bitset.
any of the firmware guru’s fancy a go…

Well, this is not totally true!! I am using Nero Full-Version (would’nt border yet to update to yet) and the LG’s GSA-4163B installed with A104 FW. In Nero Burning, DVD-Copy Menu at least, under its “option” menu I just re-set the Booktype to “DVD-ROM” and Nero could “remember” my selection every time even after re-booting my PC. I can’nt say,however, it would be true to other FW versions and/or Nero versions. :slight_smile:

what is bitsetting ?

hope this helps.

There is no auto bitsetting firmware for the 4163B. However, as Kenshin mentioned, Alex Noe wrote a small command line program which will do bitsetting. If you run it from a batch file and put that file in your windows startup folder, it will bit set the drive every time you boot up, which makes it very much like autobitsetting. Do a search for Alex Noe’s webpage in this forum and you should be able to find a link to his webpage.

I have the same problem. I also looked for alex noe’s webpage in the forms and could find it could u put a link up.

What do you mean? Can’t find Alexnoe’s homepage main link? It’s a very popular and useful source so do spend some time to read his page. If you haven’t even found the link to the page itself, you probably aren’t interested enough. Also read Alexnoe’s own posts about the bitsetting utility.

Alright, this is the original forum discussion where this was mentioned. It contains a link to Alex Noe’s webpage.