Auto bitsetting problem with 812s@832S



I patched the 812S into 832S by the firmware from code guys.
But I found that there is no auto bittsetting in it.
If I need to use omnipatcher to patched the firmware then flash the drive again?

I want to know I need to patch the original 812S firmware or 832S firmware ?

thank you


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Yes you will have to patch the 832S firmware with OmniPatcher to enable the auto bitsetting and any other crossflash patched firmware you might use in the future. It’s not done by default because some people don’t want -ROM bitsetting as the default. :wink:


I have already patched with CG5G(from your site) .Can I patch the drive with the auto bitsetting enabled CG5G again?

thank you


yes, you can flash as often as you want.