Auto-bitsetting firmware for 110-d home page have listed new firmware 8.22 for pio 110d from buffalo, maybe this will add autobitsetting like buffalo’s firmware for the 109

oh sweet! Never heard of this but perhaps so. Seeing as though the 110 already has no rip lock adding bitsetting would be icing on the cake. If the buffalo version can be modded to be region free then we have the ultimate drive.

Hmmm wonder if the buffalo version would have dvd-ram writing support. Damnit we need a general flasher quick!

The Buffalo FW listed on is a bitsetting version of 110D, so no DVD-RAM writing.
Both DVRFlash 2.1 and DVRUpdate 0.9 fails to crossflash my 110D with the 8.22 kernel and FW. :sad:

are you sure it contains bitsetting? How do you know?

As of now no flasher supports the 110 so we have to wait till either of those programs gets updated to do so. Seeing as though no DVD-RAM firmware is out I would take free bitsetting anyday for the 110.

The last burner of Buffalo had bitsetting for SL. It was based on Pioneer DVR-109/A09 drive. Correct me if I’m wrong…

That’s why we are waiting for the release of this fw… The problem is it has not the same support as Pioneer has…

I don’t care bout support. We all know flashes very rarely if ever kill a drive and for a mere $50, id just buy a new one. Someone get us a third party flasher damnit!

Agree with you.

Agree with you too… Because we all know we bought a good product…
And if we found a way to improve it, so the support doesn’t matter…

I think there’s no more enthusiasm in the pioneer community…like the (dvr) 107 and 108 releases.In this old times only a few can sleep.