Auto-bitsetting and multisession - just needs some clearing

well i’m new in here as you all saw from the topic :iagree:

though my english is quite bad, so i haven’t been able to find answers with the search - forgive me my ignorance

what i need to know, is what disadvantages do i have if i apply autobitsetting patched firmware on my liteon 812s drive
well the compatibility with the standalones seems to be juiced up, but if i have this autobitsetting firmware, do i have to change the bitsetting to DVD+/-R every time when i want to burn a multisession
or do i even have to worry about it

thank you and still sorry about not finding what i asked for :smiley:

Without auto-bitsetting…
Your drive will not bitset your +R/+RW burns unless you explicitly tell it to.

With auto-bitsetting…
Your drive will bitset your +R/+RW burns unless you explicitly tell it not to.

So ABS only affects what the drive will do by default. Whether or not you want bitsetting for multisession is really a bitsetting question, not an autobitsetting question. Since multisession has been known for compatibility problems, I’ve never actually tried a multisession burn before…

so i assume that it is wise to tell my drive that it should not bitset dvd+/-r when i’m going to burn a multisession disc
and use it only when i am burning video dvd

Although I don’t see how bit setting a multi-session disc will cause any problems (any problems would be caused by multi-session not the bit setting) I’m not 100% sure and it’s always best to err on the side of caution. :iagree:

I suppose that the multisession disk is for data. If so, there is no problem cause the drives of the pc normally can read a lot of format without problem.

If you try to create a multisession disk and then read it in your standalone dvdreader, it’s not sure that you could read the disk. Unless you have a divx compatible standalone (Kiss dvd,…) thoses reader can read a lot of things and actually also multisession disks…

for compatibility, go to in the player section. you will normally find your player and what it can read…

Are -R discs not capable of being booktyped to -rom? And will it screw up my burn if the drive attempts to? I had some ritek g04 discs (-r) that the first screwed up so badly the my 851 couldn’t read it, and then the second came back out blank. What are your thoughts?

NOPE -R booktype is hard set in the disc

Drive won’t attempt to since G04 is -r media.
Ritek has been having some issues. check out the link in the second post.