Authoring software

I’m a newbie and I dont know if I am posting in the right thread. sorry if not. My question is I’m looking for software that will allow me to edit scenes from multiple dvds and add my own soundtrack, then burn to dvdr? all help will be appreciated. please send a link. thanks in advance

Use adobe premiere to edit, and create ur movie, then DVDlab to autor and compile the DVD.

Any more cost effective solutions?

dvdlab is not expensive… :slight_smile:

For less than the price of DVDLab you can get Nero 6 Ultra, a very comprehensive program that with DVDDecrypter will cover almost all you Audio and Video needs. Recode for shrinking/transcoding and Nero Vision Express for converting/joining and authoring.

nero visions express can author…i mean make menu’s etc??

mm… i should use nero a bit more…

Everywhere I go, I see people recommending Nerovision Express.
This is not a good thing. It is slow, and almost guaranteed to mess up your video.
If you don’t mind crappy results, use it, otherwise get the right tools for the right jobs, not some “all-in-one” app.
Just my opinion folks, after many attempts at getting acceptable results from NVE, I gave up and got Mainconcept and Tmpgenc along with DVDLab.

The poster that I responded to asked about a ‘cost effective’ solution and you choose to chime in with a list of some $400 worth of software, which have a very high learning curve. The original poster said he was a newbie.

Nero Vision Express is very easy to use, does not require vast knowledge of DVD structure and terminology, and will do the whole project from start to finish, with Dolby audio and decent results. On the subject of TMPGEnc, theirs are by far, the most over rated and twitchy products out there.